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Eye Liner


Are you wanting to get your eyes lined but have some questions? Take a look at the information below! Browlicity wants you to feel completely comfortable going into the process!

What to Expect from your Eye Liner Appointment

  • Please be aware that for some the color intensity will be significantly darker and sharper immediately after the procedure. It will fade and look more natural as it heals. The liner will also look thicker right after than what it will heal at. The liner tends to shrink around 40-50%
  • Eye Liner is a 2 step process. Right after, one can expect redness and swelling and some, may even have  possible bruising. This can vary from person to person and last a few days or longer . A touch-up is recommended 6-8 weeks later. 
  •  A topical anesthetic is placed over the treatment area for 20 minutes, then carefully removed prior to the start of your treatment. A Numbing anesthetic is also applied during the procedure.
  • We CANNOT guarantee that there won’t be some discomfort. Some people numb up better than others depending on their skin. Certain people can also be resistant to the anesthetic. The majority say they don’t feel much and that it’s very tolerable. This can also depend on an individual’s pain tolerance as that can also vary.
  • It is normal for the Liner area to weep some lymph fluid. Scabbing is also possible while healing and it can also look a little grey at this stage but color comes back shortly after.  Full healed results can sometime take a few weeks and true color can take that long to settle on some people. Medications and skin integrity can affect healed results.

    Wait to schedule your Eye Liner appointment if:

    • PREGNANT – We CANNOT TATTOO ANYONE PREGNANT…NO EXCEPTIONS. Wait 3 months after pregnancy for tattooing
    • NURSING – We CANNOT TATTOO ANYONE NURSING…NO EXCEPTIONS. Wait 3 months after nursing for tattooing.
    • LASH EXTENSIONS – We CANNOT TATTOO ANY EYELINERS IF YOU HAVE LASH EXTENSIONS! Must remove lash extensions 2 weeks prior to appointment. Must wait 3 weeks after appointment before putting them back on.
    • LATISSE or LASH SERUM – We CANNOT TATTOO ANYONE ON LATISSE OR LASH SERUMS! Must be off eyelash serums 6 weeks before any tattooing can be done. Must wait 6 weeks after appointment before starting serum again.

    • BIG EVENT – We never recommend scheduling a permanent make-up service before an event or vacation.

    • Eye Surgery – Wait until your doctor clears you

    You may not be a candidate if:

    You have major eye sensitivities or conditions. For example Glaucoma, we would need a note from your doctor. If you take a prescription eye medication for an eye condition, a note from your doctor giving you permission to have the procedure done is required.

    • Undergoing Chemo or another major health therapy as certain meds may affect healing/results (We recommend discussing this procedure with your doctor as some will give the OK depending on your situation. We would need a permission note from the doctor)
    • Diabetic (Doctor’s note required)
    • Are on prescribed blood thinners or prescribed an aspirin once a day (Would need a note from your Doctor saying you’re OK to go off the blood thinners or aspirin 7 days before each session) 
    • Exceptions can be made if a legitimate Doctor’s note is provided. 
    • Those with serious heart disorders, blood infections, HIV, Hepatitis or liver disease are not candidates for this procedure.
    • Previous Eye Liner work not done by us- We MUST see pics before we schedule you. They can be emailed to [email protected]

    Pre-procedure Instructions:

    • Contacts? If so please don’t wear them to the appointment and bring glasses to appointment and be willing to wear glasses for first possibly 2 weeks after procedure.

    • Eye Make-up: Please don’t wear eye make-up to the appointment and no eye-make-up at all for 7 days after (May want to get a new mascara if current is old due to bacteria)

    • Pain Reliever /Aspirin : No aspirin or ibuprofen or anything containing aspirin 48 hours before

    • Caffeine : No caffeine before appointment

    • Alcohol: No alcohol (including wine) 24 hours before

    • Marijuana use: No Marijuana or CBD products 48 hours before

    • Exercise: No exercising right before procedure

    • Antibiotics – CANNOT be on Antibiotics at the time of procedure

    Aftercare Instructions:

     (talked about in depth and given at appointment accordingly)

    For up to 7-10 days following your eye liner  procedure:

    • No makeup should be applied directly on the liner during the healing process.
    • Avoid submerging liner in water during the healing process. No swimming. Liner can be cleansed with a gentle soap like Cetaphil at the sink with luke warm water after day 2.
    • Blotting with damp paper towels is recommended the first 2 days
    • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, sweating and sun beds/regular sun exposure during the healing process.
    • Do not touch, rub, pick or scratch your liner following treatment or during the healing process.
    • Apply your healing balm according to your artist’s advice. If you have excessively oily skin, you may not need to use healing balm at all. For those with dry skin, balm can be used up to 3 times a day.